Jason's top 3 tips for getting back on track after holidays.

Holidays never fail to throw me off groove while I’m working hard at my health and fitness goals, so not to worry - you’re not the only one! The important thing is to not bring the holiday home with you by implementing the tips below.

Routine - Get back into a routine. Do not let the holiday spill into your first week back. Be intentional from the get go and get back into your daily healthy habits (drinking lots of water, getting a good breakfast in, exercise, meditation etc).

Cleanse - After holidays its completely normal to gain a few pounds, which makes it the perfect time to give the digestive system a rest and even consider juicing for a few meals or having smoothies as a replacement for breakfast or lunch. Also consider cutting sugar and dairy out for a week or two after your holiday which will kickstart you back into seeing results, fast.

Guilt - Oftentimes guilt can take over if we’re disappointed with a number on the scale, made a few bad decisions over the weekend or you’re just not doing well and this ‘all in or nothing’ approach sets in and then we indulge, which gets us nowhere in the long run. Give yourself a little compassion and get back on the horse. Even if you have to re-lose the few pounds you lost again, don’t sweat it. Once you’re intentional about your diet for the next couple of weeks, you’ll keep making progress.