Beginner Workout Tips

It’s probably not the most ideal time for this post to go up, seeing as anyone who isn’t working out presently is promising themselves that it’s something that will happen in the new year… which is fair enough, but you can always read back on this come January if you like.

Going to the gym for your first time or even going for your first run can be a daunting experience for most of us, which is why I’ve decided to do a little write-up on my lunch break today to make it all a little easier for you & less daunting which it doesn’t need to be.

First things first, Exercise is amazing once utilised right & the reality is that it can (and will) change your life for the better once you find whats right for you & double down on that. It’s also something we should all include as part of our busy weekly schedules coupled with eating healthy.

Here are some tips to make it easier for you…

1) Ask Questions - don’t be afraid to ask questions thinking that you’re asking a silly question as no question is stupid until you know the right answer. You need to know what you’re doing or else you could end up injuring yourself or simply not get any result from your ‘hard work’. If you happen to join a commercial gym in January - ask questions, get a programme designed specific to your goals and please don’t just stick on the on the Treadmill in the corner like a lost cause. Going into the gym without a plan is simply like getting into your car & expecting it to go from A to B without fuel especially if you don’t know what you’re doing - as the old saying goes ‘‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’’. Also, no matter what you think, the reality is NO-ONE is judging you.

2) Do what you enjoy - For you this may be lifting Weights, HIIT Cardio training or a Boxing Class and for someone else it may be something completely different such as a Bootcamp Class, Yoga or LISS Cardio. Chances are if you enjoy whatever Exercise you are taking you will be still doing it months from now & it will be a habit instead of a chore. Exercise should make you happier and healthier not miserable! There are so many different forms of Exercise out there, go search what works best for you.

3) Push yourself - Yes, you should enjoy Exercise, but you should also push yourself and get your heart rate up for example if your goal is weight loss. Going through the motions and not pushing yourself is better than sitting on the couch for sure, but won’t cut it unless you are doing enough for your body to change in return. A general fat burning range would be 60-70% of your Max Heart Rate. This can be found out by subtracting 220 minus your age X 60-70%.

Hope you found this helpful & you have been given that little push to start exercising and reap the rewards, Jason Mitchell Fitness.