3 Proven Ways to Become Happier

Yes, my job is to help people lose weight, increase cardiovascular fitness, prevent injuries but a BIG part of my job is to also help clients become happier, being the main reason for writing this Article this morning. I want to also help you today achieve just that, because lets admit it, we can all become a tad bit happier in most if not all aspects of our life. Our thoughts are everything, without thoughts you feel nothing, which is why it's so important to be think positively which can be hard sometimes when obstacles come in our way. Do you ever hear someone talking about positive thinking? More than likely yes seeing as mindfulness and all that craic has gotten so big recently. When you have a stressful situation going on in your life and a to-do list that just won’t quit, the last thing you’re thinking is, “Gee, maybe if I had a more positive attitude, this would all feel better.” How could that possibly be true? But it is, being happy comes with a choice. When you raise the positivity levels in your brain, you actually do better work and, generally, feel happier. 

Anyways, that's enough blabbing on for now - let's get to the points. 

1. Exercise

Yes, I said it, exercise! Everyday, even if it's only for 20 minutes a day, engage in some form of exercise - go for a run, walk, bike, swim, or whatever activity you enjoy most. After 10 months, depressed research participants who exercised were shown to have far lower risk of relapse than those who just took anti-depressants and did no exercise. With exercise, you’re training your body to reduce the likelihood of falling into negative thinking and, instead, preserve your happy factor. 


2. Gratitude

Write three things you're grateful for every morning and don't repeat the same ones. Selecting unique areas of gratitude each day forces you re-frame your perspective to look for the positive, Rather than the negative, aspects in your daily life. Participants felt the benefit of this activity for up to 10 months after they completed it. This morning mine was (1) my morning cup of coffee (2) waking up to my new dog (3) having a fuel tank of fuel in my car. What were yours? Go write them down and do so every morning from now on. 


3. Eat healthily

As people lose weight, their moods improve, or visa versa — as their moods improve, they lose weight. As their moods improve and they lose weight, they cut their risk in half for a whole host of illnesses, from heart disease to diabetes, in part because they are more motivated to take good care of themselves. But the link goes further than that. Boost their happiness quotient and they lower stress hormones, such as cortisol, and the inflammatory processes associated with disease. Lower stress levels mean people sleep better, think more clearly and have more energy, which are all factors that help them lose weight and stay happy. 


Thanks for reading, I really hope you got something from it. Share this with a friend that you think could benefit from it, because jf it only helps even one person out there, it was worth my 20 minutes of time typing this out. JMF