Women lifting weights will not make you bigger and here's why....

Before I start, there are so many misconceptions out there that lifting weights will make women big and bulky, however it is physiologically impossible for a woman to put on large amounts of muscle as a womans hormonal makeup will not let you do so. You’ve more than likely heard all of the stories out there that it’s bad for your joints, it’s dangerous and it will make you big and bulky and these stories are far from true. Thankfully there are more women out there strength training now than ever before, however I still have many clients that still come to me who are hesitant to start lifting weights with the fear of getting big & bulky, however many months later always thank me. 



Here are just some of the main reasons why women should lift weights:


1. Effective fat loss: when you first sit down with any fitness professional and discuss your fitness goals with them, as a woman it may surprise you that strength training will more than likely be at the top of their list to help you reach your goals, but will speed up the process of reaching those goals rather than just performing cardio or core alone as the more lean muscle you have the more calories your body will burn in return each day. 



2.  Increased Energy: Rather than having 3-4 cups of coffee during the day to keep you energised, go to the gym and lift weights that morning before work or even for an intense 20-30 minute weight lifting session on your lunch break. Why you may ask? Resistance Training causes an increase in energy expenditure for hours after you train. Resistance Training increases your metabolism and in return gives you more energy. The way I look at it is that you have to use energy to get more energy back in return. 



3.  You'll Handle Stress Better

Proven Studies have shown that you’ll be more likely able to stay cool under pressure. In these studies, the scientists determined that those who exercised (included strength training) on a regular basis exhibited lower levels of stress hormones than those who didn’t exercise or strength train at all when put under stressful situations. Being able to handle stressful situations better will improve the quality of your life significantly.


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