Treating Anxiety and Depression using Exercise and Eating Healthily

Evidence suggests that dietary tweaks, exercising on a regular basis and even relaxation techniques such as Yoga and Meditation should help with the symptoms of Anxiety and generally produce a more calming effect on the brain which helps boost endorphin levels and lift your self esteem. Exercise has been shown to create new brain cells which in turn can help you stay sharp in stressful situations. 

The following short 3 steps that have helped clients a lot when it comes to producing a more calming and positive effect on the brain are as follows:

-Exercise: Any client I work with will normally exercise no less than 3 days a week. Taking control of your day by exercising first thing in the morning is normally the best time for those with Anxiety to get their workouts in. This will help take control of your day and will have your day off to a productive start. If you are stuck for time in the morning getting kids ready for school even a 15-20 minute walk or jog has its benefits. 

-Nutrition: Making changes with your Nutrition can be extremely beneficial for you if you're suffering from Anxiety. One of the first changes to be made is to have Protein at Breakfast. This is a general that everyone should follow but especially important for those with Anxiety. This will help keep your blood sugar levels with slow digesting protein less reactive to negative thoughts. Try think of the last time you reacted positively to a stressful situation when you were hungry? Other key changes I would make to your diet if you suffer from Anxiety would be to cut out excess sugar, alcohol and caffeine - these can lead to imbalances and strong feelings of guilt.  

-Meditation: Incorporating in Meditation to your daily routine can have positive effects on your mindset and decrease Anxiety drastically. This will help you relax and teach you how to live in the moment. Consistency with Meditation is key to getting the most benefit from it. There are so many great apps and free youtube videos out there. Ten minutes in the morning after your exercise would set you up for the day ahead. 

It's very easy for a Doctor nowadays to just prescribe Medication and I'm not saying there is anything wrong with taking medication or it's the wrong road to go down, but before this road is taken I have seen the extent of the benefits that Exercise and proper Nutrition can have on your Mental Health first hand, so I advise taking action on these steps first to see if it works for you and if all else fails then to go down road of Medication along with Exercise, Healthy Nutrition and Meditation.